Thursday, June 19, 2008

You've been 'ajumma'fied!!!!


Hmm...I shouldn’t be posting blog right now because I’m kinda busy finishing up my bukit patoi’s report *why oh why* but then again as I was surfing through the net for some report-inspiration *wesehmen*, I found some very bad pictures of three of my most favourite korean stars..i just cant accept it…(hmm how can korean pics related to report writing searching..hemhem)

I know, the latest fashion around nowadays is perming your hair…there’s a lot of perming style with big locks, small locks or just a simple waves…if you look around you, perming style is everywhere. For some, it can change from mediocre to pretty and from pretty to extra pretty… but for some…they were just not meant to have pretty locks….if you choose the wrong one then you might end up in an auntie-looking style. This is exactly what happened to these korean stars…from the moment they started to decide to have locks…they are immersed in a condition which I termed as the ‘ajummafied syndrome and this syndrome is affecting more and more korean stars and before we knew it seoul will be bursting with ajummafied celebrities..muahahahahaha…*coughed*

Below are the three big korean stars who are officially ‘ajummafied. They were also one of the 3 earliest stars who are affected by this eye-poking syndrome….

Jang na ra

rain (bi)

bae yong joon

so people..eventhough you're desperate to look good but do be careful in choosing your hairstyle or locks...think twice if you want to perm your hair or you'll end up looking like the ajummafied bae yong joon...tsk tsk i'm sure you dont want that to happen do you?...

To all not get yourself ajummafied ok..annyeong v(^o^)v