Friday, October 1, 2010


What is ganggangsullae?

Ganggangsullae is translated as "Korean Round Dance". It is mostly played on Chuseok, the 15th of August by the Lunar Calendar.

The history of ganggangsullae

It is said to be originated during the Korean-Japanese war (1592-1598). When Admiral Lee Sun-Sin was fighting against Japanese forces, he used Ganggangsullae as a strategic trick that could show he had many soldiers. Under the full moon, making a fire in the center, many women turned around the fire hand in hand. This made the women's shadow on the mountain side . Seen from a distance, it looked like many soldiers were guarding their camp. It worked as a frightening image to the enemy and helped the Admiral Lee to won the battle. From that age, it has been succeeded to commemorate the victory during Chuseok holidays.

How to play?

As the moon rises, women gather at circle. holding each other's hand, then start to turn round and round yelling 'Ganggangsullae' with one voice. Under the moon light, the dancing of women in Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) makes wonderful scene.