Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LATEST UPDATE . . .(10th September 2008)

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PMUBD (ECA) Info Day 9/8th September 08

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More Pictures:

Behind the scene

Committee members

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Friday, September 5, 2008

2nd Korean Culture Club Activity


Second Korean Culture Club
activity commenced on Wednesday, 3rd September 2008 with the ice breaking games.
Here are the pictures from the previous activity:

Korean Phrases

[L to R] : Gwan & D teaching the members korean phrases
3rd pic- Gwan watsup wit u? Ayuuu jua..walaupun puasa!=p

Whispering Game


The Punishments


The new and former club committees

Vain committees =)

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The next Korean Culture Club activity will be held next wednesday (10.9.2008) and for further info on the next club activity please
check the UBD's notice boards.

Till then...see you at the next activity..=)


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Monday, September 1, 2008

More more more..just 4 u 2 c:)

Baby one more time~ hanbondo

We love this moment soo much..playing and took pics under d rain..happy lah 2 baru abis makan ja jang myeon haha

1..2..pose! Teletubbies hahaat our booth..people just love to take pictures w us..hey hey free special pose from brunei..pose antam plang 2 haha but still they LOVE IT!
we just can't stop taking photos hahaha still @Kyunghee uni
yeay~ let's go to school!

night view of Hyundai Resort..we hangout here..outside the resort..siuk!!ada big screen & they play movie..picnic @nyt..the korean do picnic @nyt during summer

ya ya we went to noraebang..karaoke ma realise stress haha

Candid!! after performing..happy happy..they luv our performance

For those who miss Yung Soon sooo badly...hehe

he was being bullied by us--wahaha

ps:sorry guys i wasn't able to upload our vid..soo...yin if u really2 want to watch it come n c us hehe can c yung soon dance haha

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