Thursday, May 30, 2013

KCC 1st Alumni Event


KCC just had our 1st Alumni Event last Sunday, 26th May 2013. Alhamdulillah eventhough it was just a small event (since its our 1st time) everything went as planned. 

The purpose of the Alumni Event is to celebrate our senior KCC committees and members because if not for them we will not be the Korean Culture Club that you know now. Thank you seniors! 

We hope you will be joining our Alumni in the future.

KCC throughout the years

Speech from the current leader

This semester's incomplete batch!

Our beautiful photo booth hehe

One of the photo  booth props.

Our previous senior KCC members

Last but not least.. today is our beautiful Korean lecturer's birthday!

 생일축하합니다 선생님! 사랑해요~ 

KCC Beach Cleaning


Hello. It has been a while! We hope you are enjoying the super long semester holiday~ :D

Anyway, just a little update for all of you readers. So, KCC was invited by Korean Embassy to do a cleaning campaign. The venue was at Muara Beach and guess who was the special guest who joined us? Hehe.