Friday, August 20, 2010

New Korean Food Court

It's been a while..and KCC is back!! hehehe First of all we would like to wish all the muslims Happy Ramadhan :)

Thinking about where to go for sungkai? Wants to have korean cuisine? Here is one place that you can go

Where: Hadfa Korean Food Court
Address: Kawasan Kemajuan Pertanian Rimba Fasa 4, Pusat Holticulture Rimba,Gadong BE3119

It is the first simpang after the Liang Toon roundabout and before the traffic light to gadong. There is a big 'Hadfa Recreational Park' sign board
KCC went there a day before puasa and the place was nice..대박!!! hehe
Below are some pictures taken when we are having our dinner:
Wo bokk ki( hot and Spicy)



They also sell ginseng, cute socks ($2/pair), Go chu jang, dwenjang and etc:

If u wish to have your sungkai there, please come early since there is only 1 waitress at the moment, so if there are a lot of people coming the service will a bit slow..however the food is sooo yummy and cheap! :D
What are you waiting for? Go and try it! ;D


p/s: KCC registration day will be on the 8th september 2010..and changes will be inform later