Tuesday, July 28, 2009

미래를 여는 아시아 청소캠프! (Youth Camp For Asia's Future)


Woot2!!! Summer Camp is back!! on behalf of KCC, i would like to congratulate 9 lucky participants from Brunei this year. They are attending the camp for 2 weeks in S.Korea.Ommo ommo!!! Nae~ it's Korea! Seoul~~~ Wow, guys hope you all will have a nice summer camp, enjoy and have fun in Korea!!
다시 한 본 축하해요!!!..좋은 캠프 되세요!

This are the 9 participants from Brunei this year
Akim(national leader), Wandy, Gwan, Azeem, Ziemah, Eddy, Qilah, Fidzillah and Hadri.

They are leaving tomorrow, 29th July 2009, yes yes its tomorrow!! Have a safe flight and enjoy your transit ya people ;p hehehe wonder what are you guys going to do? kekeke

To AYCers 2008, HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! one ye
ar just passed by really missed our camp T.T TOGETHER! ASIA DREAMS & ITS FUTURE.
infront of Everland. Everyday is a holiday when u r in everland!

Infinitely Yours, Seoul

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