Friday, March 27, 2009


These are the names who are going for the dinner (1st April):

  1. Dr.Kim Ji Yeon (김지연)
  2. 06B2601 Akhim (아킴) - Ajk
  3. 07B0826 Airulyanti (아이룰 얀티)- Ajk
  4. 07B2313 Yumi (유미) - Ajk pd
  5. 07B0112 Diyana(디야나) -Ajk pd
  6. 06B0573 Dexter (악말) -Ajk
  7. 07B1442 Fina(피나)-Ajk
  8. 06B1701 Hanif (하닢) - Ajk
  9. 07B0476 Eqah (이카) - Ajk pd
  10. 06B0545 Wandy(완디)-Ajk
  11. 07D0048 Gwan (관)-Ajk pd
  12. 05B0627 Jon(존)- Ajk
  13. 05B0662 Sylvester (실배스터)- Ajk
  14. 04B2150 Adib (아딥)- Member
  15. 08B0732 Hadri (핟리)-Member
  16. 08B0722 Apshah (아프사) - Member
  17. 08B2203 Hazimah (하지마) - Member pd
  18. 08B0335 Rahmah (라마)-Member
  19. 08B2103 Atiqah Raduan (아티카)- Member
  20. 08B2105 Sheikh Husrin(후스린)- Member
  21. 08B2637 Birah/Billah Hassan (빌라)-Member
  22. 08B2609 Sahlan Zuhairi (사란) - Member
  23. 08B1731 Nurul Aqilah (누룰 아키라)- Member
  24. 08B0056 Nurul Aziemah (누룰 아지마)- Member
  25. 08B1629 Ummi (움미)- Member
  26. 08B1621 Fizah (피자) -Member
  27. 07B0155 Nurhafizzilah (눌하피지라)- Member
  28. 07B0154 Norfadilah (놀파디라)-Member
  29. 08B1116 Mohammad Azim bin Seruji (아짐)- Member
  30. 08B0034 Mohd Eddy Aswi (에디)- Member pd
  31. 08B1736 Norlilah Jamil (노리라)- Member
  32. 08B0705 Hamizah Hidup (하미자)- Member
  33. 08B2615 Siti Radziyah Hj. Roslan (시티 라지아) - Member
  34. 07B0864 Hawa (하와)- Member pd
  35. 07B0416 Norjanah (놀자나)- Member pd
  36. 08B2510 Hazirah Hj.Jalil (하지라 ) - Member

The no. of people who are going has been informed to Ms.Kim but if any of you still want to sign up just text to the the previous post. If u r lucky ur name will be appear in the list hehe.. We will experience true Korean dinner. Kimchi, Kimchi jeon, Bulgogi, Stew are some of the dishes,

what else? mullayo~ hehehe

For those who haven't pay, you may pay it in the next activity. Check you name and reg. no. Sorry for any mistakes ok? hehe (미얀해요~). Till then annyeong~^_^

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Activity For Semester 2!


Please be informed that, next week will be our last activity (1st April 2009). The venue will be at:

CLT 1.13
Time: 2.30-4.30pm
It will be a QUIZ ACTIVITY!...In this activity we will test how much you know and learned from this club. Some of the questions will be from the handouts that were given to you during the activity(*hint2* hahaha) and.....after we finish our activity for the day, KCC would like to bring you (members), to have dinner at the Korean Restaurant (KORYO) in Qlap ($10/head...and own transport).
As being told to you(members) during the sport day , only a maximum of 44 people are able to join. So far 38 people (including ms.Kim, Ajks n members) have signed up, so 6 seats left! So any members wanna join, u still have the chance until tomorrow morning (Friday@11.30am. ) Please send your name and reg. no to this number 8686909.
To those members that i have sent a message for confirmation, tq for ur reply and those you haven't reply please do it before its too late. Dinner @KORYO namelist will be posted probably by tomorrow.
That's all for now. hope to see you next wednesday.다음 시간내 만나요! 안녕!
p/s: hope you guys can wear KCC t-shirt next week:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

6th Club Activity: Korean Traditional Sports




To all KCC members, please be informed that we'll be having our 6th club activity next Wednesday(25th March 2009) at 2.30pm and it's going to be Korean Traditional Sports (Taekwondo, Ssireum & Dakssaum). Interesting eh? ^^
Meet us at the HEP Multi-Purpose Hall and wear appropriate attire.
Please do come and be punctual ^^

Ttumannayo~ ♥


Saturday, March 14, 2009

new songs play list

and also i've updated the song list on the right hand side for all to listen...some of the popular korean songs in 2009...enjoy

sample songs....


these are the sample songs for next are welcome to listen to them and choose which ever songs you like....enjoy.....

song selection

Friday, March 13, 2009

5th Club Activity - Singing

Annyeonghaseyo Yeoreobun~

We'll be having a special activity next Wednesday, 18th March 2009 and it will be ........*drum rolls*
It will be so much fun and you surely don't want to miss it ^^

Time: 2.30pm -4.30pm (please be punctual)
Venue: CLT 1.13

...And the best part is that you have the chance to vote for your favorite song form the list that we have prepared in the blog's poll. You can vote more than 1 song (maximum of 3 would be preferable)
The songs which we have nominated are:

So yeoreobun, do cast your vote. Three highest voted songs will be selected for the singing activity this Wednesday. Voting will be closed on Sunday, 15th March 2009, before midnight.

That is all for now.

Till then.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Activity


The venue is now confirmed and our next activity which will be on the 11th March 2009. The venue will be at Dewan Asrama Perempuan (DAP).

Korean Culture Part II
11th March 2009
Dewan Asrama Perempuan (DAP)
2.30-4.30 * as usual be punctual*

You do not want to miss this next activity! =)

**To those members who are interested to buy the club t-shirt registration is still open just bring along your money ($25) during the next activity. However we will only make the t-shirt if the number of people ordering is 10 and above.**

Looking foward to c u ^_^


Thursday, March 5, 2009

4th club Activity - Korean Culture Day (Part II)

Adorable!! <3


To all KCC members, please be informed that we'll be having our 4th club activity next Wednesday(11th March 2009) at 2.30pm
Sorry guys, I can't reveal what our activity is going to be.. :p

Here's one hint.. Bring your camera along! ^^

...and one more thing, the venue for next week activity is yet to be decided (either at Clt 1.13 or Dewan Asrama Perempuan). Just check for latest post/update on this blog or around campus. ^^
As usual, please be punctual.

Ttumannayo~ ♥