Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wonder Boy's B'day [November 24]

Better late than never right? hehe This belated birthday greeting goes to one of our beloved Wonder Boys, DEXTER ssi~ who celebrated his 21st birthday on 24th November. Senghil chukhahae chingu ^^

KCC Family

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A brief introduction and history background of KCC

Annyeong, yeorobun.

I was reading and reading and got stressed so I got out for some fresh air. Suddenly, this idea struck me and so, here i am, doing this post. lol. I wanted the committees and members to know more about KCC so, here it goes. ^^

5 lucky UBDians were chosen to be the 1st batch of Youth Campers for the 1st Korean Youth Camp in 2006, through therecommendation of Dr Kim and with her full support.

Beforehand, the unofficial beginning of KCC was already in happening.

Right so after the 5 UBDians got back from the Youth Camp in Korea, the proposal for the official launching of KCC was straight away in progress and 2 months later, the launching of KCC proceeded. There was such an uproar about this new clubback then and therefore, many UBDians joined.

But then, KCC too encountered major problem. We were not supported financially! The initial stage was so harsh that we had barely enough budget to cover our expenses but with great effort and much aid from Dr Kim, we managed to pull through and thus making KCC a success. The first batch of commitees all knew this and they can confirmed everyone about this. For extra information, the Korean YOuth Camp was then held yearly after that where few UBDians out of 10 participants were always chosen. Among these UBDians, a few will be committees of KCC to contribute their experience and knowledge aboutKorean culture as they had witnessed Korea and its culture within their 3 weeks of youth camp.

KCC had good relations with the Korean Embassy and BKAF, thus was invited to many of their grand functions. We had a proposal in hand that we were to be merged under BKAF and known as KCC-BKAF UBD chapter. Due to the change of BKAF presidentand their lack of time, this never happened. But according to Dr Kim, BKAF would still help us out whenever we needed theirhelp and so, this was a relief to us.

As everyone know, Dr Kim is the associate professor from Korea and is part of the Korean Embassy. Every Korean related event or occasion that is going to happen in UBD will be known beforehand by her. This is just an information to everyone just in case.

Adding on, when we first formed the club, we had no idea at all what we should be doing. Luckily, Dr Kim was always there to give us ideas and then, bits by bits, we combined all our ideas and came up with the existing activities in KCC. As each semester went by, we had new committees coming in. This means new ideas flowed it as well, thus more and more activities were made. ^.^ With this, committees always grow closer from members to friends to AJK to family.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to read this. Hope this help everyone to understand KCC a little bit more and value itsexistence. Thanks once again. Gamsahamnida. Have a nice day. ^.^V

Monday, November 17, 2008

UBD 20th Convocation Celebration - Video Compilation

Prepared by:
Chee Chang.. Thanks! ^^v

fighting yorobeun

Annyeonghasaeyo yorobeun....

we have officially entered our revision week...everyone is looking so serious....why sooo serious...hahahaha...short post coming up especially to all kcc family..old or young...

EXAM is coming yorobeun so we better buckle up and prepare ourselves to face yet another gruelling exam period...though we already faced it millions of time but it never failed to scare us everytime...
so get ready with you weapons yorobeun
(pencil, pen, eraser etc etc etc)
prepare your winning strategy
(lots of lecture notes)
prepare your mind
(eat a lot of raisin)
its time for WAR!!!!!! we come!!!!!!!
before that
make sure you do sufficient a lot...memorise a lot..pray a lot....
no matter if you are......

make sure you have enough matter what happens around matter how tempting the CB looks to you (hemhem) matter if there's a new released game in matter if DBSK comes to brunei (you wish)

just concentrate on your study


then again

dont study TOO HARD

or else

you'll blow out your brain


you'll get overstressed...


the worst case scenario...

you'll get sick.....

but listen yorobeun~~~
no matter what happen during the exam....

never give up on yourself......

KCC 파이팅(FIGHTING)~~~~~

pics taken from my fair lady manga..

i have the same post in my own blog so dont be surprise..


Thursday, November 13, 2008

[UBD Public Outreach] KCC Dancing to Tell Me & Balloons

It's me again..Anneyonghaseyo~

As requested, here are some of the pictures from last Tuesday's event. (NB: One of the best moments in our life ^^) But before that, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr.Kim, our beloved committees (Chee Chang, Lisa, Haniff, Andrey & Zal) & members (Nora, Hadri, Dan, Miz Aigoo, Ummi & the rests) who came to support us that night. We gained strength from seeing your faces. We love you all..really! <333
I provide you with two vids ; one from Nora's camera & another one from Jon's
First up, From Nora. Thanks girl~ ^^

Up next, from Jon's camera

It's dinner time! Kim seonsaengnim treat us that night. Look at those happy faces keke

Hana, dul, set...Kamsahamnida seonsaengnim!!!

KCC Family You guys mean a lot to me. SARANGHAE!!

This has been

Beach Carnival 9.11.2008

Hey's an update...

Beach Carnival @ Pantai Muara Beach (Mr P,2008) =p

In conjunction with UBD 20th Convocation a beach carnival was held at Muara Beach on the 9th November 2008. KCC was given the opportunity to participate in the beach carnival. It was a day full of fun & excitement!

To members who came thanx for your support...your the best!!! =)

Enuff said just look at the pictures:

Started with aerobic:

Games at KCC booth:

Performance by KCC Committees:


Vainity strikes:

Post event:

Now...its time to leave...*sob sob*:

It was indeed a great fun day ryt guys? Hope we can do this again sometime...ur da best!


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Club Activity [ 5.11.08]

Another Update! !
hehe I've told you...Tonight, there will be major updates@KCC blog :P

Here are some pictures from the last club activity. We had so MUCH FUN because of you guys <3

(Teams: Bibimbap, Kimchi, Kimbap, Ramyeon)
In the first section, representatives from each team were asked to solve maths question as well as answering questions regarding the club.

The games in the second section were much inspired by Korea's famous TV show called Star Golden Bell. Those games comprised solving maths questions, quizzes, blowing off post-its & tounge twister)

Fav quote: "Arrrrff~ Arrrrrff~ Arffffff~ Aigoooo" (Mz.Aigoo, 2008)

The Winning team: Bibimbap!! Chukhahae yorobeun~

Thank You beloved members~ Thanks for all the sweet memories that you've brought. Good luck for the upcoming exam!
KCC Fightiiinnnngg!
All of you...Fightiiinnnng!

Club Activity - Singing [29.10.2008]

Anneyonghaseyo yorobeun~

Sorry for the delay ^^ Here are the videos & pictures from that event. It was a fun day, wasn't it? We were glad to see all your happy faces that day. Saranghae KCC members <333

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Navi - I Love You

Eru - Because Together

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For all KCC members and committees of sem 2, 2007/2008 session,please collect your certificates on the day and time stated below,

Day/Date:Thursday (13/11/08) & Saturday (15/11/08)
Time: 11am onwards (Thurs) & 10am - 2pm(Sat)
Venue: Clt

*just look for people wearing KCC t-shirt since we are not sure which room is available. If you are not free at those time, you may take it next semester from me (Yumi) or Andery.
Sorry for the delay.

posted by:Yumi

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


To the Evergreen gang, i suppose its a few of u as u used 'us'.

Why still have to bring up sumthing a few weeks old when everything seems to have settled down? Is it really necessary to do it? Im not afraid that u will bring this up to Dr Kim as she has known about it. But bringing it up to the authority over small case like this??? This has to a joke for them when they hear it.

No offense anyway, but if its is sorry that u want, here a thousand SORRY for u and ur gang. I apologise sincerely if that is what u want. The inappropriate misuse of words here is a sudden action of anger. Not only us committees were angry at ur criticism but other members as well. Try to be constructive at it, not flaming around and with ur tongue lashing around.

We were not ignoring u at all but if u wan us to treat u equally, do apologize too. i have done my part and its time for u to do urs. Once again, another thousand SORRY to 'gang "EVERGREEN" ' for all the words that we have use on u all.

To new members, if the words that we use have made u all uncomfy, forgive us. No more next time. This is the first time KCC do ever encounter such issue with members being so unconstructive with their comments that bring our moods down. We will try to settle it with the right attitude from now on. But however, do let us enjoy the last few weeks of KCC for this semester.

Im still in fire mode if anyone want some. But as being commented on, i will not drop myself to ur level. ~Peace for now, everyone. Mianhamnida and Gamsahamnida.



OMO!!!OMO!!! the day that we all have been waiting for finally is the big day is our D-DAY....for two weeks we've been loosening our screw (especially some people hemhem)...for two weeks we gather and practiced together with great effort...for two weeks we have grown inside each other and become very close friends...for two weeks...we have shared many laughter and maybe sweat hahahaha together....the big day finally arrived...i know all of you are nervous today...sweaty hands...cannot concentrate in class...u feel as if you want to puke all the time....dont worry because you're not alone...because all KCC committee will be there with you..dancing their A** nervous together...puke together..laugh together..fall together...cry angry at ''evergreen'' together..and the most important thing is that we have to stick matter what difficulties we faced now and in the future...we have to face it yorobeun.....kuatkan semangat anda
!!!!!! jangan nangis..!!!! This is our great effort and i'm really proud to be part of this family...seriously!!!!




Friday, November 7, 2008


We would like to thanks to KCC members who had come for the last activity for this semester last Wednesday 5/11/08. We were sooo glad to hear that you guys enjoyed and had fun on that day. To KCC committees..WELL DONE!! (even though we had faced so many things in running KCC for this sem..cobaan...) Anyways..AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!

Ok..committees we still have other things to do ya..upcoming events:
  • Beach Carnival @Muara Beach
Date/Day: 9th November 2008, Sunday
Theme: Hawaiian..uuu..
  • Public outreach @Mall, Gadong
Date/Day: 11th-12th November 2008 (Wed&Thurs)
Performance:................. hoho

wonder girls? DBSG? What is it? Hmmm...come and check it out;P
Meet you guys @Muara Beach & Mall:)

So..yorobeun..hope to c u there..annyeong:)

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saengil Chughahamnida..AKHIM ssi~~~

annyeonghasaeyo yorobeun...


AKHIM ssi~~~

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Korean Culture Club Activity for this Semester

Annyeonghaseyo yorobeun~

We'll be having the last club activity for this semester on Wednesday, 5th November @ 2.30pm @ Clt 1.13.
Our activity this week will be ranging from quizzes to many exciting games. We'll be happy to see you there. We hope you guys will have fun. Please be on time, gomawoyo~ ^^v

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