Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beach Carnival 9.11.2008

Hey's an update...

Beach Carnival @ Pantai Muara Beach (Mr P,2008) =p

In conjunction with UBD 20th Convocation a beach carnival was held at Muara Beach on the 9th November 2008. KCC was given the opportunity to participate in the beach carnival. It was a day full of fun & excitement!

To members who came thanx for your support...your the best!!! =)

Enuff said just look at the pictures:

Started with aerobic:

Games at KCC booth:

Performance by KCC Committees:


Vainity strikes:

Post event:

Now...its time to leave...*sob sob*:

It was indeed a great fun day ryt guys? Hope we can do this again sometime...ur da best!


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