Thursday, November 13, 2008

[UBD Public Outreach] KCC Dancing to Tell Me & Balloons

It's me again..Anneyonghaseyo~

As requested, here are some of the pictures from last Tuesday's event. (NB: One of the best moments in our life ^^) But before that, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr.Kim, our beloved committees (Chee Chang, Lisa, Haniff, Andrey & Zal) & members (Nora, Hadri, Dan, Miz Aigoo, Ummi & the rests) who came to support us that night. We gained strength from seeing your faces. We love you all..really! <333
I provide you with two vids ; one from Nora's camera & another one from Jon's
First up, From Nora. Thanks girl~ ^^

Up next, from Jon's camera

It's dinner time! Kim seonsaengnim treat us that night. Look at those happy faces keke

Hana, dul, set...Kamsahamnida seonsaengnim!!!

KCC Family You guys mean a lot to me. SARANGHAE!!

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