Saturday, November 22, 2008

A brief introduction and history background of KCC

Annyeong, yeorobun.

I was reading and reading and got stressed so I got out for some fresh air. Suddenly, this idea struck me and so, here i am, doing this post. lol. I wanted the committees and members to know more about KCC so, here it goes. ^^

5 lucky UBDians were chosen to be the 1st batch of Youth Campers for the 1st Korean Youth Camp in 2006, through therecommendation of Dr Kim and with her full support.

Beforehand, the unofficial beginning of KCC was already in happening.

Right so after the 5 UBDians got back from the Youth Camp in Korea, the proposal for the official launching of KCC was straight away in progress and 2 months later, the launching of KCC proceeded. There was such an uproar about this new clubback then and therefore, many UBDians joined.

But then, KCC too encountered major problem. We were not supported financially! The initial stage was so harsh that we had barely enough budget to cover our expenses but with great effort and much aid from Dr Kim, we managed to pull through and thus making KCC a success. The first batch of commitees all knew this and they can confirmed everyone about this. For extra information, the Korean YOuth Camp was then held yearly after that where few UBDians out of 10 participants were always chosen. Among these UBDians, a few will be committees of KCC to contribute their experience and knowledge aboutKorean culture as they had witnessed Korea and its culture within their 3 weeks of youth camp.

KCC had good relations with the Korean Embassy and BKAF, thus was invited to many of their grand functions. We had a proposal in hand that we were to be merged under BKAF and known as KCC-BKAF UBD chapter. Due to the change of BKAF presidentand their lack of time, this never happened. But according to Dr Kim, BKAF would still help us out whenever we needed theirhelp and so, this was a relief to us.

As everyone know, Dr Kim is the associate professor from Korea and is part of the Korean Embassy. Every Korean related event or occasion that is going to happen in UBD will be known beforehand by her. This is just an information to everyone just in case.

Adding on, when we first formed the club, we had no idea at all what we should be doing. Luckily, Dr Kim was always there to give us ideas and then, bits by bits, we combined all our ideas and came up with the existing activities in KCC. As each semester went by, we had new committees coming in. This means new ideas flowed it as well, thus more and more activities were made. ^.^ With this, committees always grow closer from members to friends to AJK to family.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to read this. Hope this help everyone to understand KCC a little bit more and value itsexistence. Thanks once again. Gamsahamnida. Have a nice day. ^.^V