Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Club Activity [ 5.11.08]

Another Update! !
hehe I've told you...Tonight, there will be major updates@KCC blog :P

Here are some pictures from the last club activity. We had so MUCH FUN because of you guys <3

(Teams: Bibimbap, Kimchi, Kimbap, Ramyeon)
In the first section, representatives from each team were asked to solve maths question as well as answering questions regarding the club.

The games in the second section were much inspired by Korea's famous TV show called Star Golden Bell. Those games comprised solving maths questions, quizzes, blowing off post-its & tounge twister)

Fav quote: "Arrrrff~ Arrrrrff~ Arffffff~ Aigoooo" (Mz.Aigoo, 2008)

The Winning team: Bibimbap!! Chukhahae yorobeun~

Thank You beloved members~ Thanks for all the sweet memories that you've brought. Good luck for the upcoming exam!
KCC Fightiiinnnngg!
All of you...Fightiiinnnng!