Sunday, August 31, 2008

More pics!!!

Hey guys i have uploaded some more of our pictures...enjoy! hehe
Opening too small that u can't c me huhu

more foods!!

yipee~we went to celebrity's uni hohoho to bad changmin wasn't there EVERLAND!!(Theme park)

we are champions~

a trip to 'A closer look at the future industry'

at the hyundai resort (2nd wk..have u ever watch snow queen drama? thi is the place!! OMG!)

look at that!! its mountains!! i think? hehe

at the muzeum

sleepy heads..its the only time for us to sleep

at the beach..we enjoyed peddling, banana boat n etc

psst~whose house is this?

special pose from kcc mascot haha Yung soon

mini asian games- this is one leg fight

every wining team will get AY card Temple stay..different group stays at different temple

at dong dae mun market..this is at the underground market

owh! im tired again haha phew~ all i want to say is dat this youth camp was really regrets at all.We learn the meaning of friendship,family. TEAMWORK! and of the best experience ever!! hope i can join this kind of thing again.too bad we only can join it once huhuhuhu only some contry can...not fair! its ok we will go there by ourselves haha


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are back!


wahh~~~ long tym no c this blog r u guys? we've been in korea since 29th Augst and it was....WOW!!! u guys better try to join the youth camp and gain new experience and get new friends all over from Asia...and HOT n CUTE guys/girls tooo.*wink*
i dun want to say much here i don't want to cramp this blog with our stories..its too long hahaha come n c us for more further details of our trip...cheh~ hahaha Btw hello to the new AJK's hope we can work together and run KCC well and to new members annyeong!! Hope u wil love KCC n hv r some of our photos lets have a look--- (gosh too many back hurts soooo much)

Deligates from Brunei aaa...the one w the turban is from Afghanistan..wat is he doing there?hehethis is...JA JANG MYOEN!!! very yummy!! outside d ja jang myun restaurant...and we hv fun playing under the rain
waiting for the subway train

in the train

Fans of DBSG..this is max uni!! Kyunghee university and yea..we went inside d uni

After performing joget seri w 2 m'sia deligates

cruising along han is our director Andrew Kim

omonna!! hehe at the everland T-express..geess we ride this twice..feel like committing suicide
At the N-seoul tower

Off to Korean National Muzeum..we use that gadgets(looks lyk mp3 n PSP) once u enter the muzeum it automatically explained all the things dat being displayed in the hehe

performing balloon-closing ceremony for korean language course

at the beach...w justin-korean,best to take picture with(middle) n jayson~-filipino(right)


We are ready to mix the bibimbap!

BBQ n campfire night

Closing ceremony(Farewell party)-with the manager

Poser!! haha

phew~~ my back hurts~~~~okay..this r some of our pics..out of..1000+ hehe wat do u expect from 3wks in korea.dats it for now..i will try to post more pics again soon..gosh! feel lyk dying out n sleep hehe 아녕~

p/s:sorry that the pics r nt in the same size..sleepy haha

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cancellation of 2nd Club Activity (27/8)


Dear Korean Culture Club members, we would like to apologize for the cancellation of our 2nd KCC activity (Wednesday, 27th August) due to the get-together event with the new Vice-Chancellor.
However, the good news is that the 2nd club activity will be brought next week (Wednesday, 3rd August).
If anyone of you would like to join the club, the registration is still open. Just come next week.
For further info on the venue and time of next club activity, please check the UBD’s notice boards ^^

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

rule and regulation of korean culture club.

The rule and regulation of are as follows:

1- kcc will be having about six activity during this semester. may be more. if 6 activity, member have to attain 4 of the activity.

2-for each of the activity, all the member have to sign in when arrive and sign out when leaving at the end of the activity.

3- the member have to stay at the club at least for one hour and thirty minutes. if anyone wish to go early, he or she can refer to the committee member.

4- after the first activity start the money are unable to refun because the money has been used to conduct the activity.

5- certificate for the member would be given every semester. if the attendent of the member is not enough, no certificate would be given.

6-one of the korean culture activity will be fixed as compulsory. this is becuase the activity need certain amount of money to prepare it n we don want to waste the member money. this matter would be discuss again but we will let u know as soon as possible.

i think that all the rule and regulation for the time being. we will inform u all if any changes is being make

2nd korean culture club activity

hello to all the Korean culture member and also to those who are interested to join the club.

This wednesday 27 august 2007, there will be an ice breaking game going on during that day. 2 game will be play during that day. so come and have some fun. beside that one of our committee member will be teaching some korean phrase for about 10 to 15 mins.

The venue of the activity will be at clt 1.13. the time that we going to start the activity will be 2.30.

i think that all. if got any question just left comment of just shout out aja. we will be waiting for u all next week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Information to those who are interested to join the club

Tomorrow will be the day that kcc start the club activity for registration.

For those who are unable to come 2molo due to certain circumstances and willing to join the club, it is ok if u register during the next activity.

The club is still open for registration fort he first few activities.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

new faces in KCC

hi hi everyone!!!!

There will be new faces this semester,

hehe.. excited.. aja aja fighting to all.

Have fun running KCC . ^_^

Will always support you all.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Korean culture club first activity

New semester had started. As promise, the korean culture clud is starting their activity this wednesday.

Date: 20th august, 2008

Time: 2.15

Venue: CLT 1.13

The first korean activity will be an intoduction to welcome the new and also old member. An introduction about the club will be done by jonathan the president of korean culture club for last semester. registration for membership will be done at the same time also.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

korean culture club activity is going to start soon

The semester had already started and it time for the korean culture club to start the activities. For next week there will not be any activity but it going to start soon. i think in few week time Sorry for the delay on conducting the activity. For korean culture club fan, be patient. hehe......

So keep on check here and the ubd notice board for more info about the up coming korean culture club activity.