Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are back!


wahh~~~ long tym no c this blog r u guys? we've been in korea since 29th Augst and it was....WOW!!! u guys better try to join the youth camp and gain new experience and get new friends all over from Asia...and HOT n CUTE guys/girls tooo.*wink*
i dun want to say much here i don't want to cramp this blog with our stories..its too long hahaha come n c us for more further details of our trip...cheh~ hahaha Btw hello to the new AJK's hope we can work together and run KCC well and to new members annyeong!! Hope u wil love KCC n hv r some of our photos lets have a look--- (gosh too many back hurts soooo much)

Deligates from Brunei aaa...the one w the turban is from Afghanistan..wat is he doing there?hehethis is...JA JANG MYOEN!!! very yummy!! outside d ja jang myun restaurant...and we hv fun playing under the rain
waiting for the subway train

in the train

Fans of DBSG..this is max uni!! Kyunghee university and yea..we went inside d uni

After performing joget seri w 2 m'sia deligates

cruising along han is our director Andrew Kim

omonna!! hehe at the everland T-express..geess we ride this twice..feel like committing suicide
At the N-seoul tower

Off to Korean National Muzeum..we use that gadgets(looks lyk mp3 n PSP) once u enter the muzeum it automatically explained all the things dat being displayed in the hehe

performing balloon-closing ceremony for korean language course

at the beach...w justin-korean,best to take picture with(middle) n jayson~-filipino(right)


We are ready to mix the bibimbap!

BBQ n campfire night

Closing ceremony(Farewell party)-with the manager

Poser!! haha

phew~~ my back hurts~~~~okay..this r some of our pics..out of..1000+ hehe wat do u expect from 3wks in korea.dats it for now..i will try to post more pics again soon..gosh! feel lyk dying out n sleep hehe 아녕~

p/s:sorry that the pics r nt in the same size..sleepy haha

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