Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saengilchukahamnida Kim seonsaengnim!!

생일 축하해요 김선생님
Thank you for your undying support for this club, for having faith in all of us..Thank you~
May you get a lot of good returns ^^

The Korean Culture Club committees, members and LK students


Annyeonghaseyo all~

Dr.Kim has requested for those who are coming for the Welcoming Ceremony of the Korean Navy Cruise Training Group (4th June 2006) to bring 'Bunga Telur' [preferably each individual (including your family members and friends) brings one 'bunga telur.'] Please take notice. We appreciate your cooperation. Gomapsseumnida!!
See you all there ^^



Wednesday, May 27, 2009


To Yin Yee ssi,

Thank you for supporting us all this while. Saranghaeyo sunbaenim <3

Stay cute!! ^^

On behalf of the
KCC Family,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upcoming events

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?)

We would like to invite UBD KCC members, Korean Language Class students and those who are interested, to come for the Welcoming Ceremony for Korean Navy Cruise training group. The details are as follow:

Date: 4th June 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 10am
Place: Muara Commercial Port
Dress Code: Malay Dress (Baju kurung/Baju Cara Melayu)

You can bring your friends and family along if they are interested. KCC committees please text me or reach me through Fb/msn (save crdt hehe coz i have something to tell you guys regarding the ceremony)

At the end of June: KCC probably will have an Open Day at OGDC, KB. This will be inform more to you guys later if everything is confirm and we wish to see you guys there too^_^

October: Korean Culture Week will be held @UBD

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Friday, May 15, 2009

certificates update

Below are the names of those who have not taken their certs:-

1st sem (2008/2009):
08b1105 - Dina Sabrina binti Yunos
08b1108 - Hajah Nur Azimah binti Hj Sulaiman
08b3124 - Khadizah binti Hj Emran
08B1111 - Mohd Hazwan bin Kampong
08b3125 - Nur Amalina binti Hj Abdul Gapar
08b1117 - Nurul Hidayatul Nadirah binti Hj Abdullah
08b1116 - Norzakamila binti Md. Zain
08b1916 - Rofidah binti Haji Abdul Kadir
08b2979 - Siti Norainah binti Md.Said

2nd Sem(2008/2009):
08b1105 - Dina Sabrina binti Yunos
08b1108 - Hajah Nur Azimah binti Hj Sulaiman
08b0017 - Hjh Nurrashidah Hj Kamis
08B1111 - Mohd Hazwan bin Kampong
08b0043 - Noraqilah binti Ibrahim
08b0524 - Nor Ruzanna binti Awang Ramli
08b1116 - Norzakamila binti Md. Zain
08b0100 - Nurfitri binti Kamarulzaman
07b0155 - Nurhafizzilah binti Abd Kader
08b1117 - Nurul Hidayatul Nadirah binti Hj Abdullah
08b2979 - Siti Norainah binti Md.Said
06b0521 - Siti Nuruljannah binti Haji Johari
06b0598 - Zulfa Azyanee binti Haji Ahmad
07b0154 - Norfadilah binti Matusin

from previous sem (2007/2008):
07b1733 - Azimah binti Haji Mohd Salleh
05d0152 - Abdul Hafiz bin Awang Md Jinan
05d0209 - Siti Nor Hafizah binti Hj Duraim
05b0634 - Sahjarathudor Nurul Maha'ani Mohd Aiani
05b0217 - Maizatul Ummira Pungot
06d0042 - Bazirah bte Haji Daim
06d0149 - Jong Siaw Fung
06d0083 - Liew Siew Yen
06b1918 - Siti Aden Nabilah Hj Roni
06d2323 - Dk Sarayatul Marianawatie Pg Hj Merali
05b1362 - Ruzainah Bte Mamit
05b2015 - Hjh Siti Nadzrinah Hj Ahmit

You may take your certificates next semester or if you wish to take it during this long sem break you may do so but only if there are more than 5 people who wish to take their certs. We apologize for any mistakes.

FYI certificates are only given to those who have enough atttendence % for 1 whole semester activities.

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