Friday, May 30, 2008

Some of the pic that taken from MS

this is some of the picture that i take during the ms Korean activity......
MS also has a korean culture club. it is on every thursday 11 to 12.30. It consisit of two groups. One of them is the form 3 students and the other groups is form five, and lower six students. Each groups will have an alternate weeks. This picture taken is the form 3 group.

Sori the Acteress of the drama was not in the picture. hehe.......

Committee members 2007/2008 semester 2

Here the Committee members that i had compiled into a video. hehe..... sori if some of the faces is not nice especially jon. I am really sori jon i cannot find any picture of u. The previous semester ur face was different. All of the faces were taken from the latest pictures. hehe.... enjoy

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The joint activity with MS

here r the pictuer that i compile to make video. the drama video i cannot upload cos the size is too big.

Friday, May 23, 2008

additional ppl to vote

the ppl below have 60+ attendance and did come for the last two activities.

i think those who came for the last two activities are active.

Khalid Haji Zaini
Faezah Hj Daim
Siti Salmiah bte Abdul Rahman
Hj Musa Hj Bakar
Nurrabi'atul 'Adawiyah bt Suhaimi

The quiz activity on april 9th

sori if u don like to see ur picture in this form. i had compile all the picture n create a video out of it using window movie maker to make my upload easier. hehe.....

here r the continuation of the video that i did not include in making the above video. hehe... before u see the following video, turn ur screen 90 degree to right or left to get clear view. hehe.....

Are u still turning ur screen? hehe...... no need to turn ur screen just turn ur head lah. hehe.... carefull don over turn ur head. hehe..... enjoy watching it.:D

Voting list

The following are the names of KCC members which can be voted (order in decreasing attendance percentage):

1) Rahmalini Hidayah Hj Abd Rahman (100 %) 2nd year next sem

2) Adib bin Hj Yussof (87.5 %) 3rd year

3) Analisa Anak Amu (87.5 %) 2nd year

4) Zaleha binti Hj Ahmad (87.5 %) 2nd year

5) Nur Afiqah Hj Sahminan (87.5 %) 2nd year

6) Mohammad Haniff bin Abd Khalid (75 %) 3rd year

7) Dayang Suhana Bt Hj Abang Ali (75 %) 3rd year

8) Nurdiyana bte Asnan (75 %) 2nd year

9) Linna Loh Sie Fui (75 %) 2nd year

10) Dk Nurul Hafinah Pg Sazalee (75 %) 2nd year

11) Ashrul Faizal Hj Nayan (75 %) 4th year

12) Haji Muhammad Fakhruddin bin Haji Jamaludin (75 %) 4th year

Each committee should vote for 3 people from the list above and send it to We can then contact them according to their number of votes to ask if they are interested in the position. Thank you!

kcc: i don think the 05 student is capable to join cos is their last year. if u really want to consider them that ok with me. n also i don really know their name but if see their face then i will know them. hehe..... i think for those who has 60+% attendence should be consider also. cos some of the active member has that amount of attendence. hehe..... this is just an suggestion.

yueh: actually i know two of them in the list who most probably wont want to join the committee member, i juz want to post it juz to be fair...anyways they are in their 4th year. :)
n sorry i post this up so late... i thought every committee members can come to view the edit post drafts.... i was wrong...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sport day avtivity video

sori these suppose to go with the previous post but don know why it did not work. hehe... anyway enjoy: D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New committee members

How many new committee members are we recruiting again?


do you all want the voting for recruiting new members to be made open or just among us KCC committee?
if open we will post the names in this blog,
if not we will put it in the edit posts draft section and not post it out.


thank you may for starting this website.
thank you chee chang for preparing the pics..
everyone else feel free to contribute to this website...

korean culture and language week

Picture taken during the korean culture and language week.

Sport day on 16th april 2008

Since u all are anxious to see some of the picture.

Here are some of the picture taken and also video that are recorded on the last activity. enjoy watching it. :D

Committee members of korean culture club

Committee members 2007/2008 semester 1

President : Jon
Vice president : Yueh
Treasurer : Yung Soon & Siew Teng
Secretary : Le Thing &Yin Yee
PRO : Pauline & Stacey
AJK : Grace, Jovina, Sheren, Tzee Fong, Sylvester, Hajar
Chee Chang, Andery, Dexter, Akhim, May, Ravie &

As for the Committee members of korean culture club 2001/2008 semester 2 will be upload in another post. Just be patient.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


안녕하세요 여러본! (Hello everyone!)

Well, I guess this is the first 'official' blog/website for the club. Turns out, there was a KCC blog before this...but no one seems to know about it? Ha! COMMITTEE...MAKE SURE YOU PUBLICIZE THIS BLOG!!

This is where we'll post any updates on the club activities, votes, chitty-chatty stuff~

Well, since this is the first are some highlights on what we've been doing! [picture speaks a thousand words] ;)


P/S: We're gonna recruit new committee for next semester...VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! =)