Tuesday, January 20, 2009

song update..


its like once upon a time ago already since i have posted any news in this blog...but here i am...if you all have noticed i have renew the song list on your top left with all the newest tracks from korea..just to keep u all uptodate on what's happening in the kpop industry today....

SNSD ( or girl generation in eng) have made a comeback recently and as usual youngster from korea are all crazy about them. Their new track gee (pronounced as 'ji') is currently the hottest track in the korean music chart.its already topping some high class music shows such as music bank and inki...i guess they can do well in spite of making a comeback later than everyone else...enough about SNSD lets go to our cute baby Seung Ri from big bang.....

at first i didnt really know that uri seung ri is going solo...i just found out about it last night after browsing through you tube..and i have to tell you guys...seung ri solo debut song 'strong baby' is totally 100% HOT!!!! i'm quite impress about it as i makes me more interested in seung ri more...he was not my favourite big bang member before but i think thats going to change soon if he kept on singing hot song....

so ladies and gents...in order to be fair for both gender, i will post the two songs above...watch it and enjoy and i'm sure both boys and girls will be smiling ear to ear after seeing the vids...

okay peeps...enjoy and dont forget to come tommorow's registration okay...


Strong baby- seung ri

gee-girls generation
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Registration 2009


Annyonghaseyo yorobun . . .

Please do come on this coming Wednesday, 21st January 2009 for the registration of both old and new members.

Venue: CLT 1.13
Time: Latest is 2.30 pm

Registration fee for:

1 semester - $4
2 semester - $6

Please be punctual yorobun. Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you ^^


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another January Baby!!

Annyeonghaseyo~~ Yeoreobun, it looks like we have another birthday celebrant today hehe
This birthday greeting goes to..... *drumrolls* *drumrolls*
Andery Lim!!
Happy Sweet Tweenty one! :p
Anyway, we wish you the happiest and merriest birthday you've ever known!! And we wish all your wishes come true

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

생일 축하합니다 디야나 씨 (Happy Birthday 14/01/09)

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On Behalf of KCC Family, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to 'Diyana Asnan' may Allah bless you always. All the Best ^.^

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