Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upcoming events

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?)

We would like to invite UBD KCC members, Korean Language Class students and those who are interested, to come for the Welcoming Ceremony for Korean Navy Cruise training group. The details are as follow:

Date: 4th June 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 10am
Place: Muara Commercial Port
Dress Code: Malay Dress (Baju kurung/Baju Cara Melayu)

You can bring your friends and family along if they are interested. KCC committees please text me or reach me through Fb/msn (save crdt hehe coz i have something to tell you guys regarding the ceremony)

At the end of June: KCC probably will have an Open Day at OGDC, KB. This will be inform more to you guys later if everything is confirm and we wish to see you guys there too^_^

October: Korean Culture Week will be held @UBD

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