Friday, May 23, 2008

Voting list

The following are the names of KCC members which can be voted (order in decreasing attendance percentage):

1) Rahmalini Hidayah Hj Abd Rahman (100 %) 2nd year next sem

2) Adib bin Hj Yussof (87.5 %) 3rd year

3) Analisa Anak Amu (87.5 %) 2nd year

4) Zaleha binti Hj Ahmad (87.5 %) 2nd year

5) Nur Afiqah Hj Sahminan (87.5 %) 2nd year

6) Mohammad Haniff bin Abd Khalid (75 %) 3rd year

7) Dayang Suhana Bt Hj Abang Ali (75 %) 3rd year

8) Nurdiyana bte Asnan (75 %) 2nd year

9) Linna Loh Sie Fui (75 %) 2nd year

10) Dk Nurul Hafinah Pg Sazalee (75 %) 2nd year

11) Ashrul Faizal Hj Nayan (75 %) 4th year

12) Haji Muhammad Fakhruddin bin Haji Jamaludin (75 %) 4th year

Each committee should vote for 3 people from the list above and send it to We can then contact them according to their number of votes to ask if they are interested in the position. Thank you!

kcc: i don think the 05 student is capable to join cos is their last year. if u really want to consider them that ok with me. n also i don really know their name but if see their face then i will know them. hehe..... i think for those who has 60+% attendence should be consider also. cos some of the active member has that amount of attendence. hehe..... this is just an suggestion.

yueh: actually i know two of them in the list who most probably wont want to join the committee member, i juz want to post it juz to be fair...anyways they are in their 4th year. :)
n sorry i post this up so late... i thought every committee members can come to view the edit post drafts.... i was wrong...