Sunday, August 31, 2008

More pics!!!

Hey guys i have uploaded some more of our pictures...enjoy! hehe
Opening too small that u can't c me huhu

more foods!!

yipee~we went to celebrity's uni hohoho to bad changmin wasn't there EVERLAND!!(Theme park)

we are champions~

a trip to 'A closer look at the future industry'

at the hyundai resort (2nd wk..have u ever watch snow queen drama? thi is the place!! OMG!)

look at that!! its mountains!! i think? hehe

at the muzeum

sleepy heads..its the only time for us to sleep

at the beach..we enjoyed peddling, banana boat n etc

psst~whose house is this?

special pose from kcc mascot haha Yung soon

mini asian games- this is one leg fight

every wining team will get AY card Temple stay..different group stays at different temple

at dong dae mun market..this is at the underground market

owh! im tired again haha phew~ all i want to say is dat this youth camp was really regrets at all.We learn the meaning of friendship,family. TEAMWORK! and of the best experience ever!! hope i can join this kind of thing again.too bad we only can join it once huhuhuhu only some contry can...not fair! its ok we will go there by ourselves haha


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