Thursday, August 21, 2008

rule and regulation of korean culture club.

The rule and regulation of are as follows:

1- kcc will be having about six activity during this semester. may be more. if 6 activity, member have to attain 4 of the activity.

2-for each of the activity, all the member have to sign in when arrive and sign out when leaving at the end of the activity.

3- the member have to stay at the club at least for one hour and thirty minutes. if anyone wish to go early, he or she can refer to the committee member.

4- after the first activity start the money are unable to refun because the money has been used to conduct the activity.

5- certificate for the member would be given every semester. if the attendent of the member is not enough, no certificate would be given.

6-one of the korean culture activity will be fixed as compulsory. this is becuase the activity need certain amount of money to prepare it n we don want to waste the member money. this matter would be discuss again but we will let u know as soon as possible.

i think that all the rule and regulation for the time being. we will inform u all if any changes is being make