Tuesday, November 11, 2008


To the Evergreen gang, i suppose its a few of u as u used 'us'.

Why still have to bring up sumthing a few weeks old when everything seems to have settled down? Is it really necessary to do it? Im not afraid that u will bring this up to Dr Kim as she has known about it. But bringing it up to the authority over small case like this??? This has to a joke for them when they hear it.

No offense anyway, but if its is sorry that u want, here a thousand SORRY for u and ur gang. I apologise sincerely if that is what u want. The inappropriate misuse of words here is a sudden action of anger. Not only us committees were angry at ur criticism but other members as well. Try to be constructive at it, not flaming around and with ur tongue lashing around.

We were not ignoring u at all but if u wan us to treat u equally, do apologize too. i have done my part and its time for u to do urs. Once again, another thousand SORRY to 'gang "EVERGREEN" ' for all the words that we have use on u all.

To new members, if the words that we use have made u all uncomfy, forgive us. No more next time. This is the first time KCC do ever encounter such issue with members being so unconstructive with their comments that bring our moods down. We will try to settle it with the right attitude from now on. But however, do let us enjoy the last few weeks of KCC for this semester.

Im still in fire mode if anyone want some. But as being commented on, i will not drop myself to ur level. ~Peace for now, everyone. Mianhamnida and Gamsahamnida.