Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Activity For Semester 2!


Please be informed that, next week will be our last activity (1st April 2009). The venue will be at:

CLT 1.13
Time: 2.30-4.30pm
It will be a QUIZ ACTIVITY!...In this activity we will test how much you know and learned from this club. Some of the questions will be from the handouts that were given to you during the activity(*hint2* hahaha) and.....after we finish our activity for the day, KCC would like to bring you (members), to have dinner at the Korean Restaurant (KORYO) in Qlap ($10/head...and own transport).
As being told to you(members) during the sport day , only a maximum of 44 people are able to join. So far 38 people (including ms.Kim, Ajks n members) have signed up, so 6 seats left! So any members wanna join, u still have the chance until tomorrow morning (Friday@11.30am. ) Please send your name and reg. no to this number 8686909.
To those members that i have sent a message for confirmation, tq for ur reply and those you haven't reply please do it before its too late. Dinner @KORYO namelist will be posted probably by tomorrow.
That's all for now. hope to see you next wednesday.다음 시간내 만나요! 안녕!
p/s: hope you guys can wear KCC t-shirt next week:)