Sunday, June 15, 2008

At last!!!


yo you notice something? *blink-blink eye* yes..yes..the it nice? no? *nervous laugh* actually that's the simple version of it. just wanna try the size...i edited it a few times so that it fits in the blog and wala!!! this is the result...i have yet to make a better version of the pic..i 'm waiting for the background pic from yumi..YA!!!YUMI SHI!!! where's my background? If anyone is missing in the pics please inform me...but i dont think i missed anyone. this is just for fun...if you dont like it do inform me..then i will put dbsg picture wuahahaha!!! All the pics above is taken from previous years pics of kcc..thanks alot to Chee Chang for the pics....gumapsemnida *bow*