Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kpop update


oh oh...to all dbsg lovers....dbsg recently gave out their love message (ahhhhh) to their beloved future wives.....

Xiah Junsu " I'll sing for you whenever you want,"

Micky Yoochun -" When it's time I meet you, I'll probably be a man of many accomplishments? Let's live happily together for a long time,"

Jae Joong promised, "When we get married, I'll never sleep away from home. I'll make at least 1 meal out of 3 everyday. I won't become a fat husband. On one condition, just give birth to a really pretty baby."

Changmin said, "Make a delicious meal and wait for me,"

Yunho Uknow," I will love as long as the time that has passed while you waited. Let's go shopping for baby shoes."

taken from shenyuepop.com

Congratulation to Mc grasshopper (yoo jae suk) and announcer Na kyung eun

after a long wait at last my favourite Mc of all, Mc yoo jae suk is finally tying the knot with a lovely tv announcer na kyung eun. the couple had been dating each other since 2006 (so they said)...congrates once again to the new couple...now all of my fav Mc are already married including kang ho dong and park myung soo and amazingly they got themselves some pretty and young wives.....congrates....

Music bank current chart

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