Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip Trip Trip!!!

Hey guys!!! hows da holiday goin on?

mine is ok2 lo. quite boring tho'. nothing much to do.

but anyway, just wanna tell u all that im going off to KL, Bangkok, Cambodia and back to KL on 21st June, for 2 weeks. gonna be off for holiday. lol. been planning this since March. Adib is going wit me as well. hahaha.

anyone wanna tumpang to buy sumting? tell me fast, k. will buy if my $$ is enuf. lol. juz goin off for sight seeing ja, not to shopping2 oh. don giv me a christmas wishlist tho. ;p

for Yueh and Yin, good luck and take care always, k for your attachment. for Yumi, Airul and Park Yung Su, prepare up for the Youth Camp. u all must be very excited by now. i know how u guys feel. hahaha. we all went thru the same thing too b4. Aja Aja Fighting!!!

Chee chang, thankz up to now for all the contributions made. keep going, k. thankz for always taking care of the MS KCC. to May too, keep on making new posts. Gomawo! ;)

To all KCC members, come in too and make some posts. take care and enjoy ur holiday, everyone. gonna prepare up for my trip too. (not only u guys have trip oh, haha ;p)