Friday, June 13, 2008

new korean movie

Annyeonghasaeyo to all korean movie-lovers….

Everyone..its mid-june already. The movie that I’ve been waiting for almost a year finally came out (that’s what they say) but unfortunately you know how Brunei is…I have to wait for another 2-3 month before the movie finally being sold here..errgghhh…why oh why? Some of you must be wondering what movie,hemhem I mean korean movie that I’m bragging about. Well, let me introduce to you the actors (the main reason why I’m sooo crazy waiting for the movie)

NOt familiar? well, Below is the familiarized version of them (excuse my grammar..i am very the bruneian... You know)

J oo JI Hoon (goong) kim jae wook(coffee prince)

Yoo Ah IN Cho Ji HO (time btween dog n wolf)

Are you excited? are you? are you? no? well..go and watch coffee prince!!! favourite character in coffee prince is back again with his 'ala-ala' japanese look, kim jae wook. i last saw him in dalja's spring which i just watched recently and i missed him already!!!(dont puke-dont puke..toilet is ---> dat way)..i'm not really excited with Joo JI Hoon because i already watched him act in several drama(including princess hour) and he was not that good so i dont really expect him to shine in the movie. I like Choi Ji hoo also..i watched him in the 'time between dog an wolf' drama in which he acted alongside with Lee Jun Ki (saranghaeyo..oppa)..though he barely speak a word in the drama, he still looked cool.the other actor..well..i dont quite know no comment!

All these four good-looking and not-so-goodlooking men are the actors of a new korean movie which was rumoured to be out in mid-june of 2008 (I wish!). The new movie is called ‘antique’. For you J-drama fanatics, that name must be familiar for you. Yes, yes, the new movie is actually a shorter and korean version of an earlier-produced j-drama, also called ‘antique’

Antique” Director Min Gyu Dong casted joo ji hoon (princess hour), kim jae wook (coffee prince), Yoo Ah In and Choi Ji Ho( time between dog and wolf) in the new korean drama ‘antique’ which is remake in movie version of japanese drama.Joo Ji Hoon will play the “Antique” owner Jin Hyuk who becomes the perfect salesmen with his speech skills, while Kim Jae Wook will play the genius patissier Son Woo to mark his silver screen debut.
Also, Yoo Ah In will play the boxer turned patissier assistant Gi Beom, and Choi Ji Ho who debuted through “Time Between Dog and Wolf” will play the role of Jin Hyuk’s bodycard Soo Young.
“Antique” is the story of love and friendship of four men set in an antique shop that is renovated into a cake shop and is scheduled to be released on screen during the first half of next year.

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I’m not sure how they do it but I hope it’ll be good. Antique is also one of my favourite japanese drama ( mostly because of hidaeki takiezawa was in it and all the cakes *yumyum*)all the 11-episode of the drama was well-worth all the drools I made *eeewww..just kidding..i only drool for jun ki oppa*and I hope this movie is worth the wait..
For you korean movie lovers…goodnight and do not dream of lee jun ki oppa!!!his mine!!! kikikikkiki

p.s: if you look at Kim jae wook pics above, dont you feel like you want him to wake up next to you every morning? (<--- this is to all girls only...)Sorry guys..puke all you want, i'm still saying Kim jae wook is HOT!!!

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