Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amazing Korean


(continuing mz-sylvia’s post, since i've nothing to do.maybe its a crap but at least there is a new post hehe).. Ya ya they were ‘ajumma’fied..i dun understand why ‘pretty’ people want to become ugleeey? But still their fans r worshipping them. Another story, I believed most of us knew that Korean celebs + plastic surgery = *woo*..HOT!! neh…not all of them tho. Some turns out to be…well u know what m I going to say.

Well..ya plastic is non-biodegradable they can stand for a long time..ok wat m I talking about? Saving our earth? Owh ya , plastic surgery!…is that wat they think? They did it so that they will stay long in the industry?aigoo..if im a plastic surgeon, I think I can work in Korea hehe celebs looking for me n I can get their autograph n take photo together-gether w them n my dream

Here r some pics of Amazing Korean transformation after surgery(maybe u have seen it before hehe juz have a look once more lah..

you look sarangdo i look like plastic to u..eee..


is that her face after surgery?

mmm..this one is not bad

And here r the new group of 7 plastics surgery girls ..hoho and they r proud of themselves..tsk2..(The B) some oredi said they r b*%#^..anyways gd luck lah

Actually there are a lot more..but im tired :p n y there is a white space? actually i wanted to post video that i want to share w u guys but...haih~..unsuccessful
btw..there's gonna be hana yori dango korean version..Boys over flowers (meteor garden) hyun joong (SS501) has a role in that drama.maybe it will be out 2009..just 4 ur info teehee

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