Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third Activity - Cooking Demonstration-

Our Chef From South Korea~ hehe

Kim Sonsaengnim, our Lecturer

Then, Kim Sonsaengnim give short briefing to the members

As you can see, all the members are happy during this activity...

** see see smiling face =p **

Oh yeah, the guy near the Nemo *the orange fish* is the First President of KCC when KCC first established. His name is Liew Chee Hau. (Some of us just knew that he is actually our senior...shhhh!!!!)

The following year, the next President is Jonathan (the guy, wear black shirt and spectacles - the tall one).

and currently, who is the President of KCC?? *you should know....must must*

**click the image to enlarge**

ENJOY ~~~ =)

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