Saturday, October 25, 2008

20th UBD Convocation Opening Ceremony 16.10.08 : Club Demonstration

On the 16th of October
in conjunction with UBD 20th Convocation Opening Ceremony, Korean Culture Club had the honor to demo Korean traditional dress, the hanbok. So, here you go ^^

The committee members getting ready..Everyone was looking great <333

Backstage moment!! We were all nervous -_ -;;
Mind you, this was the time when we were informed by the stage coordinator that our background music couldn't be played inside the hall due to technical problem. *sigh*
Yes, very disappointing indeed. Yet, we didn't miss the chance to strike a pose for the camera.
Gwan sshi, wae?? Nervous much?

Yay, it's show time~~

여러분~~Well done. It was great working with all of you. Thanks to Dr.Kim, eQah Safwanah, , Rahmah, Jon and other KCC committees and members for all your endless support.
사랑해 <3
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