Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off to Korea!

Tomorrow is the day!! We are ready to Korea wowo...Our flight will be @3pm but have to be at the airport before 1pm. Everyone are busy packing their things i guess hehe My luggage is heavy..i tried and tried to reduce the things that i am going to bring but..well..all the stuffs are important..i think it only reduce 1 or 2 kg haha...never ever my luggage is this heavy! hopefully not excess lah..tho we have extra 5kg wehee..things for exibition & food fair are already packed last saturday, nothing left i guess. we all hope that people there will like it and will remember Brunei.

We'll miss about 2weeks lectures..OMG...have to catch-up lots of things.*sigh*...not sure whether can sleep or not tonight haha too excited bah however i cannot stop from starring at my bag..k thats all i can type hehehe i'm going to check my luggage again haha and soo...we wish to have a very nice and memorable summer camp @South Korea & will take lots and lots of pictures & videos..kalau rajin ja :p but we'll bring our vid cam..alright den annyeong..;)

sory no pics this time wait till we come back

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