Wednesday, January 11, 2012

KCC ajk search

anyonghaseyo to ubd-ians~

we are looking for new committees for our club and if you are interested to be part of our family, you are welcome to text your name and registration number to Rhona (8952691)

 the audition will be held on the 14th of january 2012 at 2pm onwards at Language Centre building, room 5.

not only the club is promoting korean traditional/national culture, it also keens to accustom the commitees/members with the vibrant Korean pop culture.

apart from that as a commitees of this club, you will have the benefits of developing leadership skill, experience, friendship that will be advantageous for years to come 

these are the requirementss:
1. 100% commited
2. preferably registration number starting from 11bxxxx to 12bxxxx