Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DST KRISTAL-Astro Kpop Talent Competition


These are the 10 finalists that the judges had selected based on the audition last Saturday:

1) Dayang Nur Wahyuni Binti Haji Mohammad
2) Md Abdul Qawi Syafiq Bin Haji Shrom
3) Nur Farahiyah Binti Haji Awang
4) Siti Nur Amni Bte Haji Sabaruddin & Siti Liyana Hassanah Bte Haji Sabaruddin
5) M. Irfan Arkauddin Abdullah
6) Nur Hidayah Binti Haji Rosli
7) Nurhusna Rasyiqah Binti Johari
8) Alerise Marcia Ail Yee Ching
9) Omi Nurul Amal Nabilah B. Kamis
10) Siti NurHamizah bte Haji Mahadee.

Congratulation! 축하합니다!~


1) You are to select a song of your choice, or you can use your old song from the audition last Saturday (It is up to you).

2) Please provide us with the english translation of your chosen song (for censorship purposes).

3) We are going to have a full dress rehearsal on the 6th December (10am till 5pm), at the Multipurpose Hall at UBD Female Hostel. You can come at anytime between the time stated above.
4) Please DO bring your full dress costume(s) and show them to the committees in-charge even if you do not wish to wear it during the full dress rehearsal.

P/s: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Airul at +6738605333 =)