Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update!! Update!!

Heheh..I forgot to update (-_-" Y

It has been a very busy week for us the Korean Culture club family what with the Korean Culture Week, KCC 3rd anniversary i.e. KCC singing and dancing competition and also the gala night performance.Only now we got a chance to stop and breathe. Ahahah..
I am very thankful to everyone who had made the events a success. Eventho there's alot of barriers that we had to overcome, miscommunications that occured and so on we still manage to get thru the ups and the downs. We stayed strong til the end. KCC fighting!! I love all of you!!

Ahahah..why does that sound so much like a confession??
I gotta keep track of myself xp

ATTENTION to all members! Tommorrow there will be an activity and sadly enough its going to be the last activity for this semester. Ohh I am going to be in tears ='s

Its going to be QUIZ DAY!! Come and claim yourself as the champion of the Korean Culture club quiz winner!! What does that mean? will there be any prizes? I don't know~ Mullayo.. I'm not going to spoil the surprise of what's instore for you =D

Come and have fun with us cause I know I'm definitely NOT going to miss it. It's going to be chaotic! It's going to be interesting! It's going to be funny! Just be ready for us~