Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updates!! ^^

Annyeong chinguya~

So, first and foremost, how was today's activity? I hope you guys had so much fun although the weather was kind of hot yea.. ^^
We would like to thank all members for their participation today. Gomapseumnida yeoreobun~~
Bulgogi kamu nyaman wa..Masittseoyo~~ ^^ Sugohaseumnida! (Well done!)
Anyway, I've added some pictures from today's cooking demonstration session on our KCC Facebook group. Click on this link: Cooking demo
(Those are all pictures that I got from Jon..I'm still waiting pictures taken by Wandy tho :p)

(Korean Traditional Fan Dance)

I've also added
pictures from the 2nd club activity - Korean Traditional Week . Yay!! :p
For more pictures, please click on this link: here.
If I have time, I will also upload the vids hehe

Till then,

This has been....