Friday, December 26, 2008


Everyone, listen to me. I was frustrated way back then but after getting the text from Dr Kim, I am very confident now.

She mentioned that Korean Embassy doesnt have an idea about the new club but she have no idea on BKAF. She is going to confirmed it. She also asked us to be confident in ourself and more importantly, in KCC. We have nothing to lose by believing in KCC.

Also, Dr Kim did mentioned that we should accept the fact that we would always have competition no matter what. Thats the hit point for me. Yes, competition would be good for the club. Time for us to proof ourself being the best in UBD.

So, everyone, no matter that BKYC is for real or just a rumour, time to get rid of the past and time to face the reality. We have to improve and get the club in good shape. Aja-aja Fighting yeorobun!!!

So buckle up ur belt everyone, coz we are going for a rough ride next sem. There will be changes in activities. And im ready for it. There is no reason not to. Believe in KCC, believe in what you are doing. GO KCC!!!